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Now tested on Windows 7 & 8: 32, 64bit

Welcome to the new web site for the SimWindows simulator. After a 14 year hiatus, I finally took some time to see if I could resolve the Windows 7 installation issue. Folks have sent me e-mail over the years saying that SimWindows wouldn't work in Windows 7, but frankly I didn't have much hope. After some recent contacts, I decided to take at crack at it and fortunately I was successful. The bottom line is that you have to do a manual installation yourself. It is not difficult and the instructions are included in the README file that comes with the installation. Note that the code has not been recompiled so it behaves exactly the same as always.


I have also received word that the same instructions apply for getting SimWindows to run under Windows 8, but I have not tried that myself.


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